The Best

I would highly recommend Pandora Palmer.  She has helped me on more than one occasion.  Pandora was very thorough and prepared to help.  Her team does great work!

Wayne, a Family Law client 

A pleasure to work with!

Pandora Palmer and Tiffany McCoy were both a great pleasure to work with during my divorce.  Emails and phone calls were promptly returned and they were very professional.  Although I'm sure she was working on a lot of other cases, I never felt like just a number.  I was always kept informed and up to date.  I'm not sure what I would have done without them.

-Jessica, a Divorce client


Always gives her best!

We hired Pandora as our attorney in a case with our son.  She met with us immediately and explained everything very thoroughly, answering our questions and advising what would be best in each situation.  She was extremely professional in all of our dealings and gave her best always.  She always explained everything with complete truth even though sometimes that was hard to hear.  We would highly recommend her and would not hesitate to hire her.  The office staff was also very professional and timely in communicating with us anything needed or happening in the case.  We are so thankful for her and her staff!

- Chris, a Criminal client


Excellent Attorney.

Ms. Pandora Palmer has been our savior in a case that could have been devastating to our family.  They have been there in our time of need and we could not be more grateful and thankful towards them.  The staff is very friendly and was willing to listen to our concerns.  They do not work only for the money but from their hearts to save us.  They work with us like a family.  We highly recommend this attorney.

- K.P., a Juvenile client


Pandora has an excellent reputation!

Pandora handled my divorce in 2010 and it was a breeze.  My ex-spouse had vowed to fight me with everything he had just to make me miserable.  When he saw I had retained Ms. Palmer, he simply signed the papers.  He said I'm not spending the money to fight that "very unflattering word".  Simply her reputation saved me both time and money!

- Beth, a Family Law client


Pandora won't let you down!

Pandora Palmer and her staff are all very efficient, thorough and genuinely caring people.  Pandora was appointed the GAL on my child custody case and I could not be happier with the outcome.  She is very detailed in her work and leaves no gray area.  Every phone call or email was responded to quickly.  She mad a very difficult time for me, comforting and positive.  I highly recommend her and her team for your legal needs.  They most certainly will not let you down.  She is fierce in court and fights for you and what is right!

- Ashleigh, a Family Law client


The best of the best.

My family experienced a very difficult legal situation involving my grand daughter and two of my great grandsons.  A situation that could have had a major impact if not handled right.  The support that Pandora gave us, not to mention the compassion and understanding, was just like she was part of our family.  Sometimes all it takes is a comforting word to help take some of the pressure off.  I am so grateful that Pandora  was in the right place at the right time or we might still be fighting a battle in court.  To rate Pandora as the best of the best is still not enough because to me she goes beyond that.

- Mike, a Family Law client


Amazing attorney!

Pandora is amazing! She went over and beyond to take care of us and our needs.  She always made us feel comfortable and we trusted her.  The staff in her office are just as wonderful.  Would definitely use her again should the need arise.

- Chris, a Personal Injury client


Pandora is the attorney to call.

I was referred to her and her team when my ex-wife went behind my back and got primary custody of my daughter.  In the end I ended up with my house, primary custody and child support.  I hope I never have to go through another divorce, but if I do she's the one I will call.

- Gregory, a Family Law client


Five Star Attorney!

Have to give this attorney five stars.  She represents her clients with everything she has.  Her book is phenomenal, and a must read before moving forward with family law/legal action.  It can be purchased on Amazon.  There is no stone left unturned, no corners are cut, and the client is the priority.  I do not believe that any attorney in Georgia wants to go up against this attorney in a court of law, and she is worth every penny she is paid based on the results she gets.  My advice is to retainer her services before your spouse does.  Otherwise, your money spent and efforts henceforth are simply an exercise in futility, for if they retain Ms. Palmer, they will receive the better representation, hands down.  She will not allow her client to come out on the losing end of any scenario because she will not take the case if she feels she can't win for her client.  Say what you want about the approach, but I can attest to the fact that she fights for her clients like no other attorney in the area.  She does what she is paid to do, and hat is to go to the wall for her client.  That's a five star attorney if ever one existed.

- Todd, a Family Law client


Great service.

During our consultation Amanda provided great service, was very professional and gave us accurate information.  We know exactly what to expect.

- Cornelius, a Family Law consult 


An attorney you want on your side!

Amanda Flora is awesome!  I was really hesitant about hiring a lawyer.  However, she made me feel like a person, not a just another case.  With her years of expertise, she was able to see right through the other side's sneaky tactics to defeat me and worked diligently on my behalf to get me the best outcome.  She is a very sweet lady and I am so glad she was on my side!

- Carla, a Family Law client 

Wonderful to Work With

Pandora Palmer and Tiffany McCoy are wonderful to work with.  I give this firm the highest possible rating there is.  From the beginning Pandora and her assistant Tiffany were available any time I had a question or concern about my case.  They made it easy for me to deal with a very uncomfortable situation.  Their work is very thorough and they always listened to me with undivided attention.  I will definitely use Pandora again if the need ever arises.

- LeAnne, a Family Law client 

Professional and Approachable

Pandora helped me with a small legal matter but took it head on like it was a major case and I was a big-wig client.  She's professional, approachable, and doesn't talk down to you like some who practice law.  Her name carries clout in Henry County.

- Glen, a Civil client

Excellent Attorney!

Pandora was excellent, she handled everything exactly as expected.  The process went faster than I expected. I am happily divorced now.  Tiffany was wonderful to deal with also.  They have a great team and I would recommend her to anyone.

- L.L., a Family Law client

 One Tough Attorney!

Pandora is absolutely amazing.  She definitely deserves a high rating!  Tiffany, her legal assistant, too.  She is very truthful, loyal and told me exactly what to expect.  She was more prepared for my case than I was.  She not only won my case, she called me twice afterwards to make sure I was ok.  I would hire her over and over again.  She hit them where it hurts!  Tiffany became a friend that I could trust and Pandora became an inspiration to me.  She presents herself well in court.  She is one tough and knowledgeable attorney!

- Candace, a Family Law client

 Top Notch Team!

Pandora and her team are top notch, experienced and aim to please.  Divorce was the worst thing that has ever happened to me, saddest time of my life, but this team of professionals helped make me feel secure at the most insecure time for me.  You will not regret having her on your side.  She and Tiffany helped me so much and cared so much.  I highly recommend Pandora and her team to anyone seeking legal help.

- Heather, a Family Law client

 Excellent Divorce Attorney!

Pandora represented me in my divorce.  She and her staff are professional and very experienced.  But most importantly, they helped me through a very difficult time by supporting me and being understanding.  We just had my final hearing and to say I was pleased with the outcome would be an understatement.  Pandora fought for me and got results! I would highly recommend Pandora Palmer!

- Nancy, a Family Law client

Looking for the Best?  Meet Pandora E. Palmer!

Pandora and her group are awesome.  I can't begin to express my gratitude.  My case has been dragging on for years.  They have been patient and stuck with me through it all.  My ex-husband has put me back and forth through the court system, but Pandora and her staff never left me or let me down.  She was always on point with all of her documentation and never left room for questions or any discrepancy.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.  My experience with Pandora has been memorable, as well as rewarding.

- Vermelle, a Family Law client 

Knowledgeable and Professional


I am very pleased with my experience with Pandora and her firm.  She offers her clients honesty and integrity, two traits that are very important to me.  I admire her ability to remain professional, even when dealing with a challenging case and a difficult opposing counsel known for his blustering and underhanded tactics.  She was always patient in answering my many questions and concerns.  I cannot thank her enough for that.  Her wonderful staff, especially Warren, is efficient and courteous, returning calls and emails promptly, and always keeping me informed as to the progress of the case.  While it's unfortunate that certain situations require hiring an attorney, I'm glad to know that there are ethical and knowledgeable professionals like Pandora who will work hard to resolve the case with the best outcome for her client.

- Kathy, a Family Law client

Very Knowledgeable Attorney!

In 2007 I hired Pandora for a child custody change.  We were forced to attend an emergency hearing with a 48 hour notice.  Pandora was right on it and had all documents/paperwork ready and was very well prepared for the hearing, even in on such short notice (the outcome of my case was good).

In 2009 I hired Pandora again for a divorce.  My ex-husband hired a not so nice attorney who was difficult to deal with, but Pandora remained cool, confident and professional and handled each and every situation thrown at us.  She was always on time, knowledgeable, courteous and kept me as a client informed of every step that was being taken. 

In addition, during my two court cases I spoke with her staff several times during the cases.  They were always knowledgeable of my case and returned my phone calls promptly.  They knew how nervous I was about attending court and actually came to court with me for moral support. 

I have recommended Pandora to several people and they have had the same type of experience with Pandora and will recommend her to their friends as well.

- Barbie, a Family Law client

Very Responsive Staff!

I was referred to Ms. Palmer and I am happy with the results and overall experience with her and her paralegal, Warren.  Both were so nice and concerned and helped me with everything I needed.  Anytime I contacted her office I was responded to quickly and was very informed at all times with what was going on with my case.  If I need a lawyer in the future I will be headed to Ms. Palmer’s office for assistance!

- Jenny, a Family Law client

You won't regret hiring Pandora!

My family and I hired Ms. Palmer to assist in finalizing a legal matter that my previous attorney screwed up.  She was very knowledgeable, friendly, and most of all, honest.  I told her what I needed and before any paperwork was signed she made sure she could deliver so there was no time wasted.  Contact between Ms. Palmer and I was always cut, dry and to the point, again cutting down on wasted time which I experienced previously.  I highly recommend hiring Ms. Palmer to get you through whatever issue life has presented you with.  I assure you, you won't regret that you did.

- Chris, a Criminal client

Pandora E. Palmer is Your Attorney!

I highly recommend Pandora.  Pandora has handled 2 different cases for me.  In both cases, Pandora was very thorough, made recommendations that worked and was prepared at all times.  The office support I also found responsive to my needs and pleasant to work with.

- Mary, a Child Support client

Great Attorney!

I have never had any legal issues that required a lawyer.  So as a mom, just think of how stressed and terrified I was when a situation with my teenage son was beyond anything that I could handle.  Pandora Palmer was referred to me and after our initial meeting I left her office feeling such a sense of relief.  There was no way of knowing the outcome of our case, but having Ms. Palmer and her amazing team on our side throughout the entire process, made things so much easier. I remember my son telling me, "mom I think we're gonna be okay because Ms. Palmer has my back". And she did. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

- Tracey, a Juvenile Law client

Amazing Attorney!!!

I had a difficult divorce to say the least.  Ms. Palmer was my third attorney but she was the only attorney in McDonough that could get the job done.  She is brilliant and did an amazing job.  She goes into court prepared and is perfect in her execution.  She is the ONLY attorney I will recommend or use ever.

- Chris, a Divorce client

Pandora is a fantastic advocate!

Pandora has been my divorce attorney in a VERY difficult case for the last year. If not for her, my FAR more wealthy opponent would have railroaded me and left me with nothing. Pandora was always very honest with me and ensured that I felt prepared for any upcoming hearings. She is a very kind and involved person, and having been her client for a year now, I have always felt important to her. She is much more than the typical attorney, very professional, even when faced with the most frustrating opposing counsel. If you are looking for an attorney who operates with integrity and can still get the job done, you won't regret hiring her.

- Katie, a Divorce client


Here's what Pandora's fellow attorneys have to say about her:

"I endorse this lawyer.  Pandora is an excellent attorney and friend.  She is a powerhouse attorney who is always in high demand.  She works extremely hard and is dedicated to her clients."

"I have known Pandora for more than 20 years.  She is a hard working, results oriented attorney who gets results for her clients.  She is very knowledgeable about the law and driven to win her cases."

"I have known Pandora for over 20 years.  We both graduated from GSU College of Law in February 1994.  Since that time, Pandora has become one of the finest and most successful Divorce and Criminal Defense attorneys in the State of Georgia.  She is very well respected throughout the state by Judges, prosecutors, criminal defense attorneys and civil attorneys.  She is known for her professionalism and ethics."

"Excellent lawyer in the criminal defense arena and well respected by the judges and prosecutors in the geographical area where she practices."

"Excellent trial lawyer who practices civil and criminal defense aw with a primary emphasis on family law."

"Pandora is one of the best attorneys I have ever gotten to work with.  I refer clients to her all the time."

"Pandora is among the best."

"Pandora is highly regarded in the community."

"Very poised articulate lawyer with lots of common sense to back her up.  She is very dedicated to her clients and goes the extra mile every day."

"Mrs. Palmer is a fine attorney, and I would trust her with my own case in a heartbeat."




Pandora E. Palmer has an office in McDonough, Georgia and serves clients throughout all of Georgia, including: Butts, Clayton, Coweta, Fayette, Henry, Lamar, Monroe, Newton, Pike, Rockdale, Spalding, and Upson counties.

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